Current Zoology(formerly Acta Zoologica Sinica),    2009, 55(6): 411 - 415
Title: The advertisement call of the giant spiny frog Paa spinosa
Authors: Baogen YU, Rongquan ZHENG
 I n s t i t u t e   o f   E c o l o g y ,   Z h e j i a n g   N o r m a l   U n i v e r s i t y ,   C h i n a 
We analyzed the advertisement call of Paa spinosa at Yuliang Mountain, Lanxi, Zhejiang province, in eastern China. Temporal and spectral call parameters were analyzed, along with call intensity. Calls comprised of three to seven notes, the last of which had the longest duration. Three formants (harmonics) were clearly distinguishable from the audio spectrogram. The dominant frequency ranged from 411-1534Hz, and was either the first or the second formant. The number of notes within a call was positively correlated to air temperature, so that calls contained more notes during the day. Also, the dominant frequency appeared to be lower at the highest temperature [Current Zoology 55 (6): 411 –415, 2009].

Keywords: Advertisement call, Anura, Paa spinosa, Temperature

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