Current Zoology(formerly Acta Zoologica Sinica),   Aug. 2006, 52(4): 648 - 654
Title: Acoustic difference of narcissus flycatcher complex (In English)
Authors: ZHANG Yan-Yun, WANG Ning, ZHANG Jie, ZHENG Guang-Mei
 C o l l e g e   o f   L i f e   S c i e n c e s ,   B e i j i n g   N o r m a l   U n i v e r s i t y 
Abstract:  There are some different viewpoints regarding taxa of the Narcissus Flycatcher complex, namely Ficedula narcissina narcissina, F. n. elisae (1st spring and adult males) and F. zanthopygia. Sonograms of territorial songs of 48 different males across the complex were analyzed, and 72 verse types were found in this complex. General descriptions, frequency and verse duration characters of songs and acoustic divergence are reported in this paper. Songs of F. zanthopygia were demonstrated to be a unique taxon in the complex. All song characters of zanthopygia differ significantly from the remaining members of the group in all song characters, and our vocal results confirm it to be a full biological species. Though the plumage is markedly different between 1st spring and adult male elisae (1st spring male of elisae had been regarded as a separated species and named as Ficedula beijingnica), almost no difference in song was detected except the shape of an introductory element of the verse. However, songs of elisae are very different from those of narcissina in Japan. They have already evolved as two independent units. Combined with the marked difference in morphology, subspecies elisae must be a distinct species – Ficedula elisae Weigold, 1922 [Acta Zoologica Sinica 52(4):648 –654, 2006].
Keywords: Narcissus flycatcher complex, Territorial song, Distinct

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