Volume 60, Issue 5

Contents  ( PDF[8091 KB] )
Habitat-dependent diversification and parallel molecular evolution: Water scavenger beetles as a case study  ( PDF[792 KB] )
Ke-Qing SONG, Huai-Jun XUE, Rolf G. BEUTEL, Ming BAI, Dong-Ju BIAN et al.
Time to feed: How diet, competition, and experience may influence feeding behaviour and cannibalism in wood frog tadpoles Lithobates sylvaticus  ( PDF[273 KB] )
Assessment of food supplementation and surveillance as techniques to reduce damage caused by black capuchin monkeys Sapajus nigritus to forest plantations  ( PDF[2469 KB] )
Sandra Bos MIKICH, Dieter LIEBSCH
Validation of a radioimmunoassay-based fecal corticosteroid assay for Richardson's ground squirrels Urocitellus richardsonii and behavioural correlates of stress  ( PDF[257 KB] )
James F. HARE, Calen P. RYAN, Chris ENRIGHT, Laura E. GARDINER, Lindsay J SKYNER, Charlene N. BERKVENS, W. Gary ANDERSON
Special Column: Movement Ecology in Birds  ( PDF )
Editorial. Birds on the move: Special column on bird movement  ( PDF[114 KB] )
Gone with the wind: Seasonal trends in foraging movement directions for a central-place forager  ( PDF[1572 KB] )
Space use of wintering waterbirds in India: Influence of trophic ecology on home-range size  ( PDF[177 KB] )
Tsewang NAMGAIL, John Y. TAKEKAWA, Sivananinthaperumal BALACHANDRAN, Ponnusamy SATHIYASELVAM, Taej MUNDKUR, Scott H. NEWMAN
Effects of environmental variability and offspring growth on the movement ecology of breeding Scopoli's shearwater Calonectris diomedea  ( PDF[2467 KB] )
Jacopo G. CECERE, Giorgia GAIBANI, Simona IMPERIO
Individual consistency and sex differences in migration strategies of Scopoli's shearwaters Calonectris diomedea despite year differences  ( PDF[701 KB] )
Martina S. MÜLLER, Bruno MASSA, Richard A. PHILLIPS,Giacomo DELL’OMO
Individual repeatability in timing and spatial flexibility of migration routes of trans-Saharan migratory raptors  ( PDF[4118 KB] )
Trans-Gulf of Mexico loop migration of tree swallows revealed by solar geolocation  ( PDF[2563 KB] )
David W. BRADLEY, Robert G. CLARK, Peter O. DUNN, Andrew J. LAUGHLIN, Caz M. TAYLOR et al.
Are flight paths of nocturnal songbird migrants influenced by local coastlines at a peninsula?  ( PDF[4580 KB] )
Interspecific comparison of the flight performance between sparrowhawks and common buzzards migrating at the Falsterbo peninsula: A radar study  ( PDF[2311 KB] )
Combining spatial modelling and radar to identify and protect avian migratory hot-spots  ( PDF[1537 KB] )
Mark DESHOLM, Rashpal GILL, Thomas BØVITH, Anthony D. FOX
Combining spatial modelling and radar to identify and protect avian migratory hot-spots:Additional Supporting Information  ( PDF )
Mark DESHOLM et al.