Volume 57, Issue 2

Content Table  ( PDF[7487 KB] )
Editorial: Current Status and Future Directions of Research in Complex Signaling  ( PDF[46 KB] )
The evolution of multi-component visual signals in darters (genus Etheostoma)  ( PDF[439 KB] )
Jennifer M. GUMM, Tamra C. MENDELSON
Assessing display variability in wild brown anoles Anolis sagrei using a mechanical lizard model  ( PDF[305 KB] )
Sarah R. PARTAN, Peter OTOVIC, Virginia L. PRICE, Scott E. BROWN
Inter-signal interaction and uncertain information in anuran multimodal signals  ( PDF[151 KB] )
Ryan C. TAYLOR, Barrett A. KLEIN, Michael J. RYAN
Are eavesdroppers multimodal? Sensory exploitation of floral signals by a non-native cockroach Blatta orientalis  ( PDF[553 KB] )
Rodrigo C. VERGARA, Alejandra TORRES-ARANEDA, Diego A. VILLAGRA, Robert A. RAGUSO, Mary T. K. ARROYO, Cristian A. VILLAGRA
Complex courtship displays facilitate male reproductive success and plasticity in signaling across variable environments  ( PDF[216 KB] )
Dustin J. WILGERS, Eileen A. HEBETS
Wing, tail, and vocal contributions to the complex acoustic signals of courting Calliope hummingbirds  ( PDF[516 KB] )
Christopher James CLARK
Hear no evil: The effect of auditory warning signals on avian innate avoidance, learned avoidance and memory  ( PDF[215 KB] )
The effect of pyrazine odor on avoidance learning and memory in wild robins Erithacus rubecula  ( PDF[251 KB] )
Forget-me-not: Complex floral displays, inter-signal interactions, and pollinator cognition  ( PDF[151 KB] )
Assets and tactics in a mating market: Economic models of negotiation offer insights into animal courtship dynamics on the lek  ( PDF[148 KB] )
Cutting the Gordian knot: Complex signaling in African cichlids is more than multimodal  ( PDF[432 KB] )