Volume 52, Supp. issue 1

The 23rd IOC Proceedings  ( PDF[50849 KB] )
Editorial preface  ( PDF[28 KB] )
Richard Schodde
Officers and Committees of the 23rd International Ornithological Congress  ( PDF[12 KB] )
Richard Schodde
The International Ornithological Congresses, 1884–2002  ( PDF[11 KB] )
Richard Schodde
List of Proceedings of previous International Ornithological Congresses  ( PDF[11 KB] )
Richard Schodde
Official Report of the International Ornithological Committee, 23rd International Ornithological Congress  ( PDF[131 KB] )
Dominique G. HOMBERGER
RTD01 Birds as monitors of environmental contamination in Asia  ( PDF[21 KB] )
RTD03 Threatened birds in East Asia  ( PDF[21 KB] )
RTD04 Bird collection management: an information network initiative  ( PDF[19 KB] )
Renate van den ELZEN, Michel LOUETTE
RTD06 Agricultural intensification as a major threat to bird biodiversity  ( PDF[22 KB] )
Paul F.DONALD, Richard B. BRADBURY, Anthony J. MORRIS, Richard LOYN, César TEJEDA-CRUZ, Oliver KOMAR
RTD07 Progress in avian vision  ( PDF[18 KB] )
Graham R. MARTIN, Andrew T. D. BENNETT
RTD08 Impacts of long-line fishing on seabirds: towards identifying geographical “hotspots” of seabird mortality  ( PDF[20 KB] )
Deon C. NEL, John P. CROXALL
RTD09 Collapse of vulture populations in southern Asia  ( PDF[22 KB] )
RTD10 Life history strategies of tropical and temperate birds  ( PDF[18 KB] )
Charles M. FRANCIS, Steven E. PIPER
RTD11 Re-introduction of the endangered ibises of the world  ( PDF[14 KB] )
DING Chang-Qing, Chris BOWDEN
RTD12 Bird trade: conservation strategy or extinction catalyst?  ( PDF[22 KB] )
RTD13 Ecology: birds and forestry  ( PDF[20 KB] )
Frances C. JAMES, Susan J. HANNON
RTD14 The role of infectious and parasitic diseases in threatened and endangered avian populations  ( PDF[16 KB] )
RTD15 Avian brood parasites and their hosts  ( PDF[21 KB] )
RTD16 Shorebird conservation in the East Asian-Australasian flyway: time is running out  ( PDF[20 KB] )
Philip J. STRAW
RTD17 The present and future of bird ringing  ( PDF[16 KB] )
Fernando SPINA, Charles M. FRANCIS
RTD19 Climate change impacts: key issues and future research  ( PDF[18 KB] )
Humphrey Q.P. CRICK, Jerram L. BROWN, Mark M REHFISCH
RTD22 Working Group on Bird Damage to Agriculture: a review of progress and practices  ( PDF[19 KB] )
RTD23 Integrating the avian annual cycle  ( PDF[22 KB] )
Barbara HELM, Marcel E. VISSER
RTD24 Heron Specialist Group — heron conservation  ( PDF[22 KB] )
RTD12 Bird trade: conservation strategy or extinction catalyst?  ( PDF[22 KB] )
Supplementary Plenary Resumés:P04 The life history of the wandering albatross: how does the marine environment influence the demography of seabirds?  ( PDF[15 KB] )
Supplementary Plenary Resumés: P10 Bird conservation in South America  ( PDF[15 KB] )
S01-1 Mechanisms of feather sonation in Aves: unanticipated levels of diversity  ( PDF[33 KB] )
Kimberly S. BOSTWICK
S01-2 Breaking down reproductive isolation between closely related species  ( PDF[546 KB] )
Lucia Liu SEVERINGHAUS, TU Hsiao-Wei, HSU Yu-Cheng
S01-3 Neuro-ecology of song complexity in Bengalese finches  ( PDF[889 KB] )
S01-4 Social aspects of song learning and repertoire use in birds  ( PDF[461 KB] )
Dietmar TODT, Henrike HULTSCH
S01-5 Evolution of brain structures for vocal learning in birds: a synopsis  ( PDF[1271 KB] )
Symposium 02 The role of high quality individuals in populations of long-lived birds: Introduction  ( PDF[18 KB] )
Peter H. BECKER, Christophe BARBRAUD
S02-1 Prediction of individual reproductive success in short-tailed shearwaters, Puffinus tenuirostris  ( PDF[349 KB] )
S02-2 Individual quality and recruitment in the common tern, Sterna hirundo  ( PDF[408 KB] )
Jan-Dieter LUDWIGS, Peter H. BECKER
S02-3 The trade-off between survival and reproduction in long-lived birds, and the role of individual quality  ( PDF[509 KB] )
Symposium 04 Influence of birds on ecosystem structure and function: Introduction  ( PDF[18 KB] )
S04-1 The impact of goose grazing on arctic and temperate wetlands  ( PDF[593 KB] )
S04-3 Birds as pollinators and dispersers: a case study from New Zealand  ( PDF[32 KB] )
Sandra H. ANDERSON, Dave KELLY, Alastair W. ROBERTSON, Jenny J. LADLEY, John G. INNES
S04-4 The role of birds in seed dispersal and its consequences for forest ecosystems  ( PDF[30 KB] )
Symposium 01 Introduction to Perpectives in avian acoustic communication: in memory of Luis Baptista  ( PDF[596 KB] )
Symposium 06 Macroscopic and microscopic evolutionary perspectives on feathers: Introduction  ( PDF[17 KB] )
S06-1 Follicles and the origin of feathers  ( PDF[28 KB] )
S06-2 Origin and early evolution of feathers: evidence from the Early Cretaceous of China  ( PDF[2875 KB] )
ZHOU Zhong-He, ZHANG Fu-Cheng
S06-3 The theropod origin of feathers: congruence between development, paleontology, and phylogeny   ( PDF[22 KB] )
Richard O. PRUM
S06-5 Selection for feather structure  ( PDF[34 KB] )
Edward H. BURTT Jr, Jann M. ICHIDA
S06-6 Conclusion  ( PDF[18 KB] )
Symposium 07 Key issues in the conservation of sites important for birds: Introduction  ( PDF[16 KB] )
S07-2 Inventory of sites important for birds in Asia  ( PDF[21 KB] )
Simba S.Y. CHAN
S07-3 Monitoring important bird areas in Africa: prospects and challenges  ( PDF[354 KB] )
S07-4 Local community involvement: the role of the IBA program in Mexico  ( PDF[457 KB] )
S07-5 Conservation of sites important for birds in China  ( PDF[31 KB] )
ZHANG Zheng-Wang
Symposium 08 Effects of global climate change on birds: evidence and predictions: Introduction  ( PDF[15 KB] )
Humphrey Q.P. CRICK, Jerram L. BROWN
S08-1 Changes in the phenology of breeding and migration in relation to global climate change  ( PDF[32 KB] )
Humphrey Q.P. CRICK, Tim H. SPARKS
S08-2 Mistimed reproduction due to global climate change  ( PDF[516 KB] )
Marcel E. VISSER, Christiaan BOTH, Phillip GIENAPP
S08-3 Impacts of extreme climate events on alpine birds  ( PDF[814 KB] )
Kathy MARTIN, Karen L. WIEBE
S08-4 The influences of global climate change on marine birds  ( PDF[451 KB] )
Richard R. VEIT, William A. MONTEVECCHI
S08-5 A methodology for predicting the impact of sea level rise on shorebirds (Charadrii) in estuaries  ( PDF[31 KB] )
Symposium 09 Photoperiodism: mechanisms and adaptations: Introduction  ( PDF[14 KB] )
S09-4 Molecular neuroendocrine mechanisms controlling photoperiodically regulated release of gonadotropin releasing hormone  ( PDF[668 KB] )
Peter J. SHARP
S09-5 Gonadotropin-inhibitory hormone in birds: possible modes of action  ( PDF[4270 KB] )
George E. BENTLEY, Nicole PERFITO, Ignacio T. MOORE, Kazuyoshi UKENA, Kazuyoshi TSUTSUI, John C. WINGFIELD
Symposium 10 Demographic responses to habitat fragmentation: contrasts across space and time. Introduction  ( PDF[15 KB] )
S10-1 Effects of rainforest fragmentation and disturbance on the demographics of Southeast Asian birds  ( PDF[408 KB] )
Navjot S. SODHI
S10-4 Consequences of habitat fragmentation for birds: comparison between Europe and North America  ( PDF[32 KB] )
S10-5 Demographic responses to habitat fragmentation  ( PDF[348 KB] )
Symposium 11 Forest management and conservation of Galliformes: Introduction  ( PDF[14 KB] )
Peter J. GARSON, ZHENG Guang-Mei
S11-1 Is the current protected area system adequate to support viable populations of forest Galliformes in eastern Asia?  ( PDF[27 KB] )
Philip McGOWAN, Richard FULLER
S11-2 The utility of hotspot identification for forest management: cracids as bioindicators  ( PDF[25 KB] )
Daniel M. BROOKS
S11-3 Habitat isolation and fragmentation of the Chinese grouse (Bonasa sewerzowi) at Lianhuashan Mountains, Gansu, China  ( PDF[356 KB] )
SUN Yue-Hua, Siegfried KLAUS, FANG Yun, P. SELSAM, JIA Chen-Xi
Symposium 12 Migration and conservation of cranes and storks:Introduction  ( PDF[14 KB] )
S12-1 Satellite-tracking the migration of cranes and storks  ( PDF[2230 KB] )
Hiroyoshi HIGUCHI, Meenakshi NAGENDRAN, Johanna P. PIERRE
S12-2 Conservation measures based on migration research in white storks (Ciconia ciconia, Ciconia boyciana)  ( PDF[2248 KB] )
S12-3 Changes in red-crowned crane (Grus japonensis) habitats in Yancheng Nature Reserve in the last 20 years  ( PDF[682 KB] )
MA Zhi-Jun, LI Bo, WANG Hui, LIU Xi-Ping, CHEN Hao, LU Shi-Cheng, DU Jin-Jin, GAO Zhi-Dong, CHEN Jia-Kuan
S12-4 Distribution of red-crowned cranes, Grus japonensis, in the Cholwon Basin, Korea  ( PDF[1637 KB] )
Seong-Hwan PAE
S12-5 Investigation of the migration routes and habitats of red-crowned cranes and oriental white storks using satellite tracking and remote sensing  ( PDF[4234 KB] )
Masayuki TAMURA, Hiroyoshi HIGUCHI,Hiroto SHIMAZAKI, Yuri A. DARMAN, Vladimir ANDRONOV, Meenakshi NAGENDRAN, Mikhael PARILOV
Symposium 13 Mating patterns and ecology:Introduction  ( PDF[15 KB] )
Donald BLOMQVIST, Herbert HOI
S13-1 To see or not to see: the role of habitat density on the occurrence of extra-pair paternity and paternity assurance behaviors  ( PDF[341 KB] )
S13-2 Do weather conditions affect the frequency of extra-pair paternity in the bluethroat (Luscinia svecica svecica)?  ( PDF[345 KB] )
Symposium 14 Integrating mechanism and function in bird behavior: how hormones can help:Introduction  ( PDF[25 KB] )
S14-1 Integrating steroid synthesis with steroid action: multiple mechanisms in birds  ( PDF[33 KB] )
Barney A. SCHLINGER, Kiran K. SOMA, Sarah E. LONDON
S14-3 Hormones, sexual dimorphism, and mate choice  ( PDF[29 KB] )
S14-5 Studies of song behavior in European starlings: interrelationships among testosterone, neuroanatomy and immune function  ( PDF[31 KB] )
Gregory F. BALL, Deborah L. DUFFY, Timothy Q. GENTNER
Symposium 15 Specialization in island land birds:Introduction  ( PDF[18 KB] )
S15-1 An overview of feeding specialization and generalization on islands  ( PDF[33 KB] )
Peter R. GRANT
S15-2 Food specialization and radiation of Hawaiian honeycreepers  ( PDF[33 KB] )
Paul C. BANKO, Winston E. BANKO
S15-3 Fitness consequences of cooperative breeding in the Seychelles warbler  ( PDF[510 KB] )
S15-4 Large body size in island-dwelling passerines: the roles of insular specialization, niche expansion and ecological release  ( PDF[612 KB] )
S15-5 Population differentiation on islands: a case study using blue tits in habitat mosaics  ( PDF[34 KB] )
Symposium 16 Chemical ecology and the study of bird reproduction:Introduction  ( PDF[15 KB] )
S16-1 Discerning adaptive value of seasonal variation in preen waxes: comparative and experimental approaches  ( PDF[1122 KB] )
S16-2 The abundance of essential vitamins in food chains and its impact on avian reproduction  ( PDF[423 KB] )
S16-3 Parasite defence in birds: the role of volatiles  ( PDF[433 KB] )
S16-4 Olfaction, volatile compounds and reproduction in birds  ( PDF[433 KB] )
S16-5 Carotenoid biochemistry, transformation and function  ( PDF[33 KB] )
Anders Pape MØLLER, Nicola SAINO
Symposium 17 Evolutionary history of selected bird taxa from the Sino-Himalayan region:Introduction  ( PDF[16 KB] )
Jochen MARTENS, SUN Yue-Hua
S17-1 Ethological and acoustical characters of the Chinese grouse (Bonasa sewerzowi), compared with sibling hazel grouse (B.bonasia) and ruffed grouse (B. umbellus)  ( PDF[978 KB] )
Wolfgang SCHERZINGER, Siegfried KLAUS, SUN Yue-Hua, FANG Yun
S17-2 The social unit and habitat of the Sichuan jay (Perisoreus internigrans) in Zhuoni, Gansu, China  ( PDF[27 KB] )
S17-3 The golden-spectacled warbler (Seicercus burkii auct.) — a Sino-Himalayan species swarm  ( PDF[37 KB] )
Jochen MARTENS, Siegfried ECK, Martin PÄCKERT, SUN Yue-Hua
S17-4 The Qinghai-Tibet Plateau: center of evolution for snow sparrows (Montifringilla s. str.) and mountain-steppe sparrows (Onychostruthus, Pyrgilauda)  ( PDF[2871 KB] )
Axel GEBAUER, Siegfried ECK, Martin KAISER, LEI Fu-Min, Jochen MARTENS
S17-5 The evolutionary history of Eurasian redstarts, Phoenicurus  ( PDF[36 KB] )
Kemal Topaç ERTAN
Symposium 18 Sexual signaling and speciation:Introduction  ( PDF[16 KB] )
S18-1 Rapid evolutionary divergence of environment-dependent sexual traits in speciation: a paradox?  ( PDF[36 KB] )
Alexander V. BADYAEV, Emilie C. SNELL-ROOD
S18-2 Phylogenetic studies of plumage evolution and speciation in New World orioles (Icterus)  ( PDF[637 KB] )
Kevin E. OMLAND, Beatrice KONDO
S18-3 Causes of post-mating reproductive isolation in birds  ( PDF[428 KB] )
Trevor D. PRICE
S18-5 Sexual signals, learning processes and evolution  ( PDF[30 KB] )
Carel ten CATE
Symposium 19 The evolution of avian migration:Introduction  ( PDF[19 KB] )
Francisco PULIDO, John H. RAPPOLE
S19-1 Origins and timing of avian migrant evolution in the New World  ( PDF[675 KB] )
S19-2 Phylogenetic approaches to the evolution of migration  ( PDF[35 KB] )
S19-3 Bird ringing as a means for studying the evolution of avian migration — potentials, limits and prospects  ( PDF[35 KB] )
Wolfgang FIEDLER, Francisco PULIDO
S19-4 Adaptation and adaptability of migratory behavior  ( PDF[34 KB] )
Francisco PULIDO
S19-5 Annual routine models and the evolution of migration  ( PDF[412 KB] )
Symposium 20 Evolutionary genetics of the Phasianidae:Introduction  ( PDF[15 KB] )
Ettore RANDI, Timothy M. CROWE
S20-1 Supra-generic cladistics of landfowl (Order Galliformes)  ( PDF[518 KB] )
Timothy M. CROWE,Paulette BLOOMER, Ettore RANDI, Vittorio LUCCHINI, Rebecca KIMBALL, Edward BRAUN, Jeffrey G. GROTH
S20-2 Using molecular phylogenetics to interpret evolutionary changes in morphology and behavior in the Phasianidae  ( PDF[434 KB] )
Rebecca T. KIMBALL, Edward L. BRAUN, J. David LIGON, Ettore RANDI, Vittorio LUCCHINI
S20-3 The A-globin gene as a new nuclear marker for galliform birds  ( PDF[2102 KB] )
S20-5 Evolutionary and conservation genetics of the rock partridge, Alectoris graeca  ( PDF[1561 KB] )
Ettore RANDI
Symposium 21 Visual behavior in birds: linking brain and behavior:Introduction  ( PDF[15 KB] )
Lesley J. ROGERS, WANG Shu-Rong
S21-1 Structure-function relations of lateralized visual behavior in the pigeon  ( PDF[28 KB] )
S21-2 Relative contributions of the two visual pathways to avian behavior  ( PDF[541 KB] )
S21-4 Development of the two visual pathways and lateralized visual function in the chicken  ( PDF[557 KB] )
Lesley J. ROGERS
S21-5 Use of head position by birds to determine mode of analysis of what is seen  ( PDF[32 KB] )
Richard J. ANDREW
Symposium 22 Torpor in birds: regulation of energy metabolism and body temperature:Introduction  ( PDF[16 KB] )
S22-1 Heterothermia and torpor in birds: highly specialized physiological ability or just deep “nocturnal hypothermia”? — The limitations of terminology  ( PDF[34 KB] )
S22-2 Metabolic aspects of torpor in hummingbirds  ( PDF[548 KB] )
Claus BECH, John F. STEFFENSEN, Martin BERGER, Augusto S. ABE, J. Eduardo P. W. BICUDO
S22-3 Ecological correlates of torpor use among five caprimulgiform birds  ( PDF[35 KB] )
R. Mark BRIGHAM, Christopher P. WOODS, Jeffrey E. LANE, Quinn E. FLETCHER, Fritz GEISER
S22-4 Torpor in Australian Birds  ( PDF[35 KB] )
S22-5 Evolutionary and ecological determinants of avian torpor: a conceptual model  ( PDF[741 KB] )
Symposium 23 The biological species concept: application in pure and applied ornithology:Introduction  ( PDF[14 KB] )
Richard SCHODDE, Walter J. BOCK
S23-1 The history of the biological species concept  ( PDF[1016 KB] )
S23-2 Species concepts versus species categories versus species taxa  ( PDF[30 KB] )
Walter J. BOCK
S23-3 The ultrataxon and its use in pure and applied biology  ( PDF[444 KB] )
S23-4 Species concepts and their application: insights from the genera Seicercus and Phylloscopus  ( PDF[1346 KB] )
S23-5 Developing guidelines to assist in defining species limits  ( PDF[32 KB] )
David T. PARKIN, Martin COLLINSON, Andreas J. HELBIG, Alan G. KNOX, George SANGSTER
Symposium 24 New directions in avian molt ecology:Introduction  ( PDF[14 KB] )
S24-1 Progress with the statistical analysis of primary molt  ( PDF[33 KB] )
S24-2 Molt of the African penguin, Spheniscus demersus, in relation to its breeding season and food availability  ( PDF[619 KB] )
S24-4 Identification and occurrence of a biannual complete molt  ( PDF[671 KB] )
S24-5 The regulation of primary molt speed in the grey plover, Pluvialis squatarola  ( PDF[1368 KB] )
Symposium 25 Population regulation in heterogeneous landscapes: a means for predicting the consequences of environmental change:Introduction  ( PDF[15 KB] )
Henrik G. SMITH, William J. SUTHERLAND
S25-3 Contribution of site-dependence to regulation of population size: evidence and consequences for biological monitoring of populations  ( PDF[777 KB] )
Nicholas L. RODENHOUSE, Richard T. HOLMES, T. Scott SILLETT
S25-5 Population predictions for Seychelles warblers in novel environments  ( PDF[590 KB] )
Symposium 26 How birds sing:Introduction  ( PDF[14 KB] )
Carel ten CATE, Roderick A. SUTHERS
S26-1 Respiratory dynamics and syllable morphology in songbirds  ( PDF[512 KB] )
Franz GOLLER, Brenton G. COOPER, Roderick A. SUTHERS
S26-2 Bilateral motor skills in domestic canary song  ( PDF[28 KB] )
Eric VALLET, Roderick A. SUTHERS, Michel KREUTZER, Aurélie TANVEZ
S26-3 Aspects of syringeal mechanics in avian phonation  ( PDF[710 KB] )
Ole N. LARSEN, Franz Goller, Johan L. van LEEUWEN
S26-4 Nonlinear phenomena and song evolution in Streptopelia doves  ( PDF[694 KB] )
Gabriël J.L. BECKERS, Carel ten CATE
S26-5 Vocal sacs and their role in avian acoustic display  ( PDF[28 KB] )
Symposium 27 Morphological integration and modularity:Introduction  ( PDF[14 KB] )
Renate van den ELZEN, Mats BJÖRKLUND
S27-1 Integration and modularity in biological systems: a review  ( PDF[32 KB] )
S27-2 Trait evolution, morphological integration and functional complexes  ( PDF[30 KB] )
S27-3 Interaction between morphological integration and ecological factors  ( PDF[622 KB] )
S27-4 Patterns among avian flight style, nesting biology, development, body size, and locomotor modularity  ( PDF[544 KB] )
Kenneth P. DIAL
S27-5 Molecular modules and morphology  ( PDF[32 KB] )
Antonio ARNAIZ-VILLENA, Hans L. NEMESCHKAL, Renate van den ELZEN
Symposium 29 New developments in the study of seabird foraging:Introduction  ( PDF[15 KB] )
S29-1 Olfactory foraging strategies of procellariiform seabirds  ( PDF[599 KB] )
Gabrielle A. NEVITT
S29-2 Fishing made easy: tips and tricks on decisions for optimal foraging in Magellanic penguins, Spheniscus magellanicus  ( PDF[4053 KB] )
S29-3 Evidence for regulation of air volume in the respiratory system of diving Adélie penguins, Pygoscelis adelie  ( PDF[622 KB] )
Katsufumi SATO, Yutaka WATANUKI, Yasuhiko NAITO
S29-4 The relative importance of physiological and behavioral adaptation in diving endotherms: a case study with great cormorants  ( PDF[483 KB] )
Symposium 30 Interactions between coastal aquaculture, fisheries and birds:Introduction  ( PDF[16 KB] )
Gudrun HILGERLOH, Llewellyn YOUNG
S30-3 Using behavior to predict the effects of environmental change on shorebirds during the non-breeding season  ( PDF[1099 KB] )
S30-4 The effects of coastal shrimp farming on birds in Indian mangrove forests and tidal flats  ( PDF[629 KB] )
Rajarathinavelu NAGARAJAN, Krishinamoorthy THIYAGESAN
Symposium 31 Bird population explosions in agro-ecosystems: common factors in case histories:Introduction  ( PDF[18 KB] )
Enrique H. BUCHER, Ronald RANVAUD
S31-1 The population decline of the starling, Sturnus vulgaris, in Great Britain: patterns and causes  ( PDF[32 KB] )
Robert A. ROBINSON, Gavin M. SIRIWARDENA, Humphrey Q. P. CRICK
S31-2 Bird population explosions in agroecosystems — the quelea, Quelea quelea, case history  ( PDF[679 KB] )
S31-3 The effect of irrigated agriculture on bird populations on the Mahi Right Bank Canal System, India  ( PDF[28 KB] )
S31-4 Eared dove outbreaks in South America: patterns and characteristics  ( PDF[570 KB] )
Enrique H. BUCHER, Ronald D. RANVAUD
S31-5 Explosions of the eared dove: the unique case in southeast Brazil  ( PDF[23 KB] )
Ronald D. RANVAUD, Enrique H. BUCHER
Symposium 33 Introduction to Competition and hybridization from introduced waterbirds: a rising political issue  ( PDF[20 KB] )
S33-1 The impact and status of introduced waterbirds in Africa, Asia Minor, Europe and the Middle East  ( PDF[31 KB] )
Mark M. REHFISCH, Michael J. BLAIR, Helen McKAY, Andrew J. MUSGROVE
S33-2 Conservation of the globally threatened white-headed duck, Oxyura leucocephala, in the face of hybridization with the North American ruddy duck, Oxyura jamaicensis: results of a control trial  ( PDF[28 KB] )
S33-3 Indigenous gray ducks, Anas superciliosa, and introduced mallards, A. platyrhynchos, in New Zealand: processes and outcome of a deliberate encounter  ( PDF[34 KB] )
S33-4 Extinction by hybridization and introgression in anatine ducks  ( PDF[686 KB] )
Judith M. RHYMER
S33-5 A review of legislation concerning introduced non-native waterbirds  ( PDF[28 KB] )
Symposium 34 Optimality in bird migration — the role of stopover ecology: Introduction  ( PDF[16 KB] )
S34-1 Current optimality models in avian migration  ( PDF[460 KB] )
S34-3 Factors determining stopover decisions in migrating passerines on an offshore island  ( PDF[400 KB] )
S34-4 Spatial behavior of some nocturnal passerine migrants during stopovers  ( PDF[404 KB] )
S34-5 How to study departure decisions of migrants from stopover sites using capture-recapture data  ( PDF[34 KB] )
Michael SCHAUB
Symposium 35 Bird minds: Introduction  ( PDF[14 KB] )
S35-1 Spatial and object cognition in the domestic chicken  ( PDF[25 KB] )
S35-2 Simultaneous development of vocal and physical object combinations in the gray parrot (Psittacus erithacus): parallels with primates  ( PDF[30 KB] )
S35-3 Alarm calls, communication and cognition in Australian magpies (Gymnorhina tibicen)  ( PDF[1260 KB] )
S35-4 Social experience, vocal learning and social cognition in the European starling, Sturnus vulgaris  ( PDF[558 KB] )
S35-5 Tool manufacture by New Caledonian crows: chipping away at human uniqueness  ( PDF[968 KB] )
Gavin R. HUNT, Russell D. GRAY
Symposium 36 Energetics, physiology and biochemistry of bird flight: Introduction  ( PDF[14 KB] )
S36-1 The flight energetics of barnacle geese (Branta leucopsis) under wild and captive conditions  ( PDF[451 KB] )
S36-2 The effect of size on water and energy balance during migratory flight: empirical data versus theory  ( PDF[503 KB] )
Symposium 37 Global seabird conservation: threats and opportunities: Introduction  ( PDF[14 KB] )
S37-1 Fishery impacts on the food supplies of seabirds  ( PDF[21 KB] )
M. de L. BROOKE, Lisa T. BALLANCE, Robert. L. PITMAN, Robert W. FURNESS
S37-2 Conservation of rare and endangered seabirds in Australia  ( PDF[32 KB] )
Nicholas I. KLOMP, David PRIDDEL, Robert. L. Nicholas CARLILE
S37-3 Reducing longline mortality in seabirds: a South African perspective  ( PDF[30 KB] )
Peter G. RYAN, Deon C. NEL, John COOPER
S37-4 Are current harvests of seabirds sustainable?  ( PDF[32 KB] )
S37-5 Understanding global trends in seabirds — are there winners and losers?  ( PDF[33 KB] )
Brent M. STEPHENSON, Christopher J. R. ROBERTSON, Edward O. MINOT, Brian P. SPRINGETT
Symposium 38 Phenotypic plasticity and early developmental conditions in birds: Introduction  ( PDF[14 KB] )
S38-1 Maternal effects through the avian egg  ( PDF[32 KB] )
Ruedi G. NAGER, Pat MONAGHAN, David C. HOUSTON, Kathryn E. ARNOLD, Jonathan D. BLOUNT, Nanette VERBOVEN
S38-2 Developmental phenotypic plasticity in embryos during incubation  ( PDF[369 KB] )
S38-3 Evolution and expression of genetic variation in nestling traits  ( PDF[374 KB] )
S38-4 The effect of environmental conditions on early growth in geese  ( PDF[719 KB] )
S38-5 Are unseen effects of early environment negligible? Three examples in great tits (Parus major)  ( PDF[25 KB] )
Symposium 39 Ecological forestry and avian communities: Introduction  ( PDF[15 KB] )
S39-1 The impact of forest management on bird communities in Taiwan  ( PDF[458 KB] )
Chin-Kuo LEE, Yun-Ju FANG, Lucia Liu SEVERINGHAUS, Hung-Chieh SU
S39-2 The impact of herbivory by deer on forest bird communities in Japan  ( PDF[422 KB] )
Teruaki HINO
S39-3 Building a bird-friendly forest: lessons from the boreal forest of Canada  ( PDF[417 KB] )
S39-4 Human impacts on forest bird communities in the Western Ghats, India  ( PDF[914 KB] )
S39-5 Ecological forestry, old growth, and birds in the longleaf pine (Pinus palustris) ecosystem  ( PDF[35 KB] )
Symposium 40 Periodic environmental changes: understanding the physiological basis of life history adaptations: Introduction  ( PDF[14 KB] )
S40-2 Timing of molt as a buffer in the avian annual cycle  ( PDF[382 KB] )
Barbara HELM, Eberhard GWINNER