Volume 61, Issue 6

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Vol. 61 Index  ( PDF[128 KB] )
Morphology, flight performance, and water crossing tendencies of Afro-Palearctic raptors during migration  ( PDF[321 KB] )
Nicolantonio AGOSTINI, Michele PANUCCIO, Cristian PASQUARETTA
Using the BirdTree.org website to obtain robust phylogenies for avian comparative studies: A primer  ( PDF[209 KB] )
Diego RUBOLINI, András LIKER2, László Z. GARAMSZEGI, Anders P. MØLLER, Nicola SAINO
Temperature increase impacts personality traits in aquatic non-native species: Implications for biological invasion under climate change  ( PDF[1235 KB] )
Dapeng ZHAO, Peishan FENG
Occurrence data may provide unreliable thermal preferences and breadth of species  ( PDF[1673 KB] )
Early social conditions affect female fecundity in hermaphrodites  ( PDF[326 KB] )
Elio CANNARSA, Maria Cristina LORENZI, Gabriella SELLA
Do algae blooms dilute the risk of trematode infections in threespine sticklebacks?  ( PDF[227 KB] )
Alexandre BUDRIA, Ulrika CANDOLIN
Ultrasonic frogs call at a higher pitch in noisier ambiance  ( PDF[1926 KB] )
Fang ZHANG, Pan CHEN, Zhuqing CHEN, Juan ZHAO
Special Column: Learning and Sexual Selection  ( PDF )
Editor: Maria SERVEDIO  ( PDF )
Editorial: Advances on the interplay of learning and sexual selection  ( PDF[36 KB] )
Fruit fly courtship: The female perspective  ( PDF[282 KB] )
Reuven DUKAS, Andrew SCOTT
The complexities of female mate choice and male polymorphisms: Elucidating the role of genetics, age, and mate-choice copying  ( PDF[2581 KB] )
Male Drosophila melanogaster learn to prefer an arbitrary trait associated with female mating status  ( PDF[250 KB] )
The evolution of sexual imprinting in socially monogamous populations  ( PDF[3787 KB] )
The effect of learning on the evolution of new courtship behavior: A simulation model  ( PDF[2350 KB] )
Mate-choice copying: Status quo and where to go  ( PDF[78 KB] )
Klaudia WITTE, Nina KNIEL, Ilka Maria KURECK